How to Use Your Smart Speakers as a Home Theatre Sound System?

TVs aren't renowned for having the most powerful built-in sound system however, buying an audio system to amplify your audio could be a hassle (not to mention costly). However, you can utilize the speakers that you already have to improve your home's audio, providing an additional level of immersion to your favorite shows, movies and music.

Some smart speakers are capable of delivering decent audio, especially Amazon's Echo line of. The basic $100 4th-gen Echo provides decent audio, you can also get an option of 200-dollar Echo Studio with its superior audio quality, and an $150 Echo Sub to bring out the bass.

However, you're not able to make use of to connect your Nest Smart Speakers or Chromecast to enhance your home theater. This technology was announced about an entire year ago, but it's not been announced. If you're interested in Amazon or Apple equipment you're fortunate to have them. Here's how to start.


Apple HomePod

You can utilize HomePod and MiniHomePod speakers HomePod as well as HomePod mini speakers to create an audio configuration for your TV, so provided that you have the Apple TV 4K box plugged into it. It works with either two or more speakers that must be assigned to the same space as the Apple TV 4K through the Home app for the iPhone, iPad, or Mac It will also take care of all sound, including navigational clicks. There's no way to use any third-party speakers for thispurpose, even when they're compatible with the AirPlay 2 wireless standard.

In the event that you're running two HomePod speakers, they'll must be configured to be a stereo pair prior to connecting these to the Apple TV 4K. Start the Home app on iOS or iPadOS Then, tap and hold the HomePod device. Click the Settings cog icon, and then choose Create Stereo Pair. Select the second speaker. Then, finish the pairing procedure.

To ensure that you're Apple TV 4K and the connected speakers are in the same space within the Home app, you'll need to press long on the device you're trying to connect to get its settings followed by Room. If you're looking to create a room to set up your home theater You can find an option to click the plus (plus) icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the main Home tab. Then, add Room.

The next time you boot your Apple TV 4K device, you'll likely be able choose the Choose as Apple TV speakers option which appears on the screen. If you aren't seeing this message, then you'll need to go to the same selection by opening the Settings app on your iPad 4K model of the Apple TV. Select Audio and Video and Audio Output, then choose your HomePod and HomePod pair you'd like to utilize. You can also go via the Home application by pressing and holding down on the Apple TV 4K iconand selecting the settings icon as well as the default Audio Output.

Amazon Echo

For this to work using Amazon devices, you'll need at least one or more Echo speakers and an appliance running Fire TV plugged into your television. The devices that are involved need be linked together via the Amazon account, which will have already been the situation if you've already set up everything via the Alexa application on your smartphone.

Click on the Devices tab after which you can tap + (the plus icon) and then Combine speakers. Select Home Theater and you'll be able to choose you Fire TV device from the list that pops up. Once you've done that you'll have the option of selecting either one of two Echo devices to be used as one speaker or as a stereo pair. You could also include the Echo Sub to the configuration also. When you're working with two speaker, it is possible to choose the left as well as right-hand models.

It is the next thing to do: assign your home theater system a name for it to be accessible in the future as well as designate it to a specific room or group of people in your home. It's then time to turn your attention to your television or box, and the Firestick or box will let you finish the set-up. The first message you'll get will offer you an opportunity to look at the audio setup you've designed to verify that everything is functioning properly.


The new configuration and alter it to suit your needs at the bottom of the Devices tab of the Alexa app. Keep in mind that certain Echo speakers have an aux output, which means you may be able to connect an even bigger and more powerful speaker but still take advantage of the home theater settings that you can set up using Alexa. Alexa app.



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